Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Too Cool For School-Route 603

While I was off in Half Term, one school bus still ran. The 603. Some people say it isn't a school bus, but then why did they number it in the 6-series? There are many numbers left over such as 239, 311, 456 and many more. The bus only runs in school hours too. I was meant to put the 635 in this post, but an eye infection prevented me from going out. Anyway, I caught the 603 from Jack Straw's Castle- Swiss Cottage. Here are the pictures:

Front of TE931.

 The bus had no one upstairs, and the passengers downstairs all got off at Hampstead Station.

Bus stop with 603.

The last stop on route 603 towards Swiss Cottage, Swiss Cottage Station/Avenue Road.

Side blinds. The bus does go through a lot of Hampstead, but the side blind is a bit ambiguous since the bus doesn't service Hampstead Garden Suburb or Hampstead Heath Station.

Timetable at Jack Straw's Castle.

Bus stop flag.

Empty bus interior.
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Monday, 24 February 2014

Lovely Route, Not So Lovely Buses

I don't mind the New Bus For London, it's just got some bad features to it, which I discussed in another post.  Anyway, as you may be aware on 15th February route 148 converted to official New Bus For London operation, unlike on the tube strike where many LT's were faulty because they weren't ready to come in service yet. LT150 crept onto the route on 15th Febuary, is this the first NB4L odd working? LT140 had technical faults and did not enter service until the 18th February. The 148 is a brilliant route and it was a shame to see the SP's go.

    Anyway, I caught up with LT125 and a couple of other LT's and here are the pictures:

LT121 departing White City. This bus got curtailed to Victoria because my bus caught up with it and there was a bus directly in front of LT121

Rear of an LT at White City.

Side shot of LT129.

LT122 heads back to Shepherds Bush garage.

The bus I rode, LT125.

Lower deck interior.

Upper deck interior.

Annoyingly, the iBus is extremely loud and the bus engine is very quiet.

One good feature about the NB4L is at the front there is a nice corner window which you can take pictures from. However, not all people find this helpful.

I know...

An LT going down Holland Park Avenue.

An LT at Notting Hill Gate.

LT124 on Bayswater Road.

LT133 at Lancaster Gate.

An LT near Lancaster Gate.

An LT on Victoria Street.

Rear of LT120 on Victoria Street.

Rear of LT125 at County Hall.
After covering the bus, I went to the Martin Creed exhibition at Hayward Gallery and it was awesome!! Thanks for reading this post.

Friday, 21 February 2014

EB1 Comes Out Of Its Shell

Electric buses EB1 and EB2, assigned for routes 507 and 521, have only appeared on route 507 since 20th December 2013... Up until now! EB1, after not being in service for almost three weeks has appeared on route 521 on two consecutive days. I had seen the EB's going along the 521 route not in service before, but they are here now. Here are some of my pictures:

Front shot.

Whole vehicle shot.

Rear of EB1.

Here is the iBus.

 EB2 hasn't been in service for a day or two, hopefully it can join its partner on the 521 soon! Thanks for reading! I have updated the pictures now so they look better.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

There Is The Good, But Also The Bad

Shall I start with the good news or the bad news? Bad, I think.

                                                    Bad News:

  • EB1 enters service on route 521 one day after I am in Central London for several hours
  • Route 205 may get LT's, which means my 2nd favourite bus route in London will be RUINED if this happens.
  • Route 7 may get LT's, which means my favourite bus route in London will be RUINED if this happens.
  • An unsuccessful visit to the CELF Centre to find SEL763 and the Metroline saw no Gemini 3, an SEL in the shed (which may not be 763) and worryingly, an LT. I do have pictures and they will come on a post later on.
  • I couldn't get into Perivale East garage because it was surrounded by a river.
Now, it is time for the good news:

  • I got on my first ever school bus yesterday, route 603. Yes, I know some people say this is not a school route, but I think it definitely is. I am also riding Route 635 soon. Post coming soon.
  • I covered Route 148 successfully and rode LT125 for a while. Post coming soon.
  • I got a picture of a very very very rare working yesterday, I will not reveal what it is yet.
  • I will ride a night bus in this half term, a brand new route for me!
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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Random Observations-Special Edition

I have a lot of Random Observations pictures, so I thought I'd put them all onto a long post!

Note: This will take a long time to look at/read.

Interior of SEL750.

This is a brilliant route, trust me!

This was the last WVL on the 11.

There was a 26 minute gap on the 35, and then 5 came at once! I was 2/5 and number 1 got curtailed so my bus got very busy. I got the front seats anyway.

I don't have one!!

This stand will now have LT's.


Is a hybrid on the 149 rare!

This bus had been curtailed!! It was on Worship Street.

If only this happened. Just once...

This is all I got at Worship Street!

 I boarded ELS4, which was curtailed to Bricklayer's Arms, although the iBus said Denmark Hill. Luckily, Bricklayer's Arms was my destination!!

Onboard a T near Russell Square on a 168.

On 25/01/14 a 5 minute storm appeared in the evening. I was sitting at the front of SEL750 with a massive window, so I got a perfect view of the storm!

The Mobile Restrooms bus at East Acton.

SEL746 wasn't in service for a year, it's back now in all red livery.

There were a  lot of Dart's on the 283 on 25/01/14.

Curtailed due to roadworks on Hammersmith Bridge.

Stuck!!!!!!! I don't know why this vehicle was on this road, probably taking a shortcut. In the end, it was a very long-cut....

Other pictures:


In the distance is another 35.

In Brixton.

Nice view from the 35 bus!!

My 42, ELS4.

The SEL I was on, SEL750.

 Thank you very very much for mostly viewing the pics and also reading the captions!