Monday, 28 January 2013

A Very Van Like Bus And My Favourite London Buses!

The shuttle bus at IKEA
The IKEA Wembley shuttle bus is a unique thing. It is more like a van rather than a bus but nevertheless it says it is a bus so I have to accept that. It runs from St. Raphaels North IKEA to Stonebridge Park which is the nearest tube station. I do have two complaints though. It has no windows as you may have noticed so it must be extremely dark. But the thing I am most surprised about is the amount of people who came of the tiny little bus. I think that bus could comfortably seat 7 people but I saw 17 people get of that bus. It must be so cramped in that bus.

Now it is time for my favourite London Buses and they are: 3,4,7,11,13,15,23,24,36,38,45,46,56,63,65,73,83,88,92,93,100,113,115,137,203,205,
N11,N207,N89,N41,N550,N551,N47,P5,R70,H37,H32,H91,T33,W3,W7,X26 and finally to end my long list of my favourite buses is the X68. This is only a few of my favourite London Bus Routes because if I were to name every single one it would go on for a very very very long time.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Some Of My Favourite London Bus Pictures!

For my first post I would like to share some of my favourite pictures I have taken. This may include pictures of iBus announcements, the live countdown system at bus stops, normal observations and odd workings. Enjoy the pictures and I hope you enjoy my first post!

One of my favourite bus routes is the 205 so I decided I had to have a photo that has something to do with the 205.

I took this photo of a 371 on the 2nd of January 2012, a very special year with the Olympics and a great year for London Buses!

This iBus countdown shows four London bus routes which I adore and they’re all on one indicator!
London bus route E3 is running frequently but where is the E2?  Over 21 minutes away!

My local bus which is supposed to terminate at Greenford Broadway is being cut short due to the Ealing Half Marathon!

This picture shows how many buses were diverted down my local main road that day. They are all meant to use Uxbridge Road.
The 65X is the London Mela bus and I was eager to get on it and it is unique to me, this is not because they are extremely hot, but because I have a local bus ending with the letter X.

The London Wrightbus Sreetlite is a promising newcomer and I did like it  very much. Much better than the New Bus For London which I think is a complete catastrophe.

This is my favourite odd working I have ever seen. I was just on a normal trip to Brentford, then an E2 came along which was not only being curtailed at Ealing Broadway, but it was using an Optare Tempo Hybrid single decker when it is supposed to use double deck Wrightbus Gemini 2’s.