Route Ratings (Updated 20th May) 316/545

 Latest route updates: 196, 323, 412

 EDIT: The route ratings spreadsheet gives every route in London I've completed from start to finish a score out of ten, with my ultimate goal being able to ride all 545 buses from end to end. This figure represents all the daytime/mobility routes and does not include night buses or school routes, so the N9, N11 and N5 have been removed from the route ratings spreadsheet as they are not part of the project and were merely done for leisure. A new spreadsheet, ranking every other route I've done in the country (including non-TFL services) will be uploaded by the end of the week, and that will include night buses!

Welcome to the revamped route ratings page! Admittedly, the former version wasn't particularly clear on my thoughts on every route in London, especially as well over 100 routes have been given "7/10" and physically counting to find the "position" of your chosen route can be rather difficult when faced with an overwhelming list of bullet points. So, the link gives you a spreadsheet, which will be much easier to update and essentially gives you a table, showing what the 1st, 255th, 50th, 100th etc best bus routes in London are, for me. I've taken a much more systematic approach this time so some routes have been swapped around and a few examples have been removed entirely for re-evalutation, where a one-off circumstance may have affected my initial scoring.

I hope you enjoy the new feature and watch your local bus routes rise/fall in the table that ranks London bus routes!

Note: I'm attempting to complete all London bus services apart from the school "600 series" and night "N prefix" routes, so the total figure of 545 represents what I will be completing and not necessarily the total amount of routes in London.

I've also created a map of exactly where I've been in London, by literally drawing out routes that I've completed from one end to another. Here's a link so you can access it, and as I complete more routes over time, the more lines you'll see gradually appearing on this map, until practically the whole of London is covered!


  1. What are your rules when doing full routes and route ratings?

    1. In general:

      Double deck routes must be completed from upper deck front seats.

      Weather must be adequate, so no steamed up windows as I can't view external surroundings.

      In sunny weather avoid riding routes Southbound as views are ruined.

      All single deck routes which see double deckers occasionally must be ridden with both types as the latter type give a better overall perspective of where it goes and gives a better insight into new areas of London.

      Riding routes in one direction is fine unless a substantial part of the route heading the other way serves other roads where no other buses go. If a route is circular or terminates using a loop the entire circuit must be completed.

      If a route is extended or receives a change in routeing I must come back and re-do the route.

      Routes must stuck to the designated pathway so if there's a diversion I must re-do the route at some point.

      Riding a route from e2e in one go is preferable, although if I'm curtailed or the bus breaks down I'm not too fussed about doing the route again unless my view is ruined from the second bus.

      No completions after dark.

      For giving ratings, I generally look at how much of the journey I was entertained, with the "9/10" or "8/10" generally representing an 80-90% enjoyment rate, although other factors such as whether the bus type negatively affects the journey are considered.

      I don't give 10/10, because I believe no route in London can be perfect - even the 205 has flaws with reliability!

      As you can tell I'm quite strict with my rules, although with careful planning it's not too hard to get around them. Besides, if there's bad weather there's always other transport-related stuff to do ;)

  2. You should try the 244 end to end in a Saturday. It also has a very strict allocation of Alexander Enviro 200s.
    Start: Queen Elizabeth Hospital/West Entrance
    End: Abbey Wood Road(right after the forecourt)

    1. Hi, thanks for the recommendation. As I intend to ride everything end to end the 244 is on the list, although if the double decking still goes ahead I'll probably wait until then

      May I ask why a Saturday in particular is best?


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