About The Blog

At London Buses: On The Go we aim to provide a quality service, with frequent posts about contract changes, route recommendations, random observations and anything else that I find interesting, in the hope that you will too.

After a one and a half year break, I have become much more organised. Instead of just uploading to flickr, I now have the time to post about buses, rather than writing brief captions. Since 2014, I have reflected on the progress of the blog and I am pretty pleased, considering the quality of posts when I started were pretty poor. However, there is still work to be done and some changes to the layout of pages/posts should hopefully impress all of you readers.

There will be a new series called "Busageddon", which will talk about contract changes when a route is lost from one operator to another. Busageddon (or contract changes) takes place all over London, so your local area will definitely be mentioned within the next couple of years.  However, routes that are retained with new buses from the same operator will not be part of this series, seeing as there is no real competition between the operators here. They will be titled according to how good the route is/how swift the changeover was etc etc...

As you already know, I like to express my opinion. A lot. So, there will be a new series called "Random Route", where I will convey my thoughts on the route and then tell you if I recommend it or not. There are many routes that will be reviewed soon, particularly in North and East London, so keep your eyes peeled.

Obviously, not everything can be changed and the Random Observations series will be returning, with monthly updates on the bus scene. Every now and then, I will publish some fictional route ideas that I think will be a useful addition to the current London bus network.

I'm hoping that you like the new layout and that London Buses: On The Go can start climbing its way up the blog hierachy once more, but for now, happy reading!