Monday, 28 January 2013

A Very Van Like Bus And My Favourite London Buses!

The shuttle bus at IKEA
The IKEA Wembley shuttle bus is a unique thing. It is more like a van rather than a bus but nevertheless it says it is a bus so I have to accept that. It runs from St. Raphaels North IKEA to Stonebridge Park which is the nearest tube station. I do have two complaints though. It has no windows as you may have noticed so it must be extremely dark. But the thing I am most surprised about is the amount of people who came of the tiny little bus. I think that bus could comfortably seat 7 people but I saw 17 people get of that bus. It must be so cramped in that bus.

Now it is time for my favourite London Buses and they are: 3,4,7,11,13,15,23,24,36,38,45,46,56,63,65,73,83,88,92,93,100,113,115,137,203,205,
N11,N207,N89,N41,N550,N551,N47,P5,R70,H37,H32,H91,T33,W3,W7,X26 and finally to end my long list of my favourite buses is the X68. This is only a few of my favourite London Bus Routes because if I were to name every single one it would go on for a very very very long time.

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