Saturday, 7 September 2013

Guest City:Swansea Observations Part 3

 Hello, sorry if the L.E.D's don't come out, I will write what they did display.

145 to Glais

Short working!

                                      I went to The Kingsway and...

No buses for 4 minutes in rush hour! Typical Swansea bus service.

The L.E.D's can't fit!

This bus is only for people working in the DVLA.

A very short working!

11 to Mayhill Circular

24 to Morriston Hospital

 Then I got on the mysterious 145! It did 70mph, a 3 Point turn in the middle of the route and goes back on itself 4 times! Predictably, I was the only passenger for the whole 50min journey.

The day after:

31 to Morriston Hospital.

                                                  Then I went to Pontardawe Bus Garage.

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