Thursday, 30 January 2014

Route 388 Extended

Hello, as you may know route 388 has recently been extended to Stratford City via the Olympic Park. The route is my 4th favourite and the extension has replaced the temporary bus route 588 which ran between Hackney Wick and Stratford City. Because of the extension, to maintain the frequency CT Plus bought a bus from Metroline, TP386 and recoded it HTP5. I have pictures of the 388 buses here:

The sole Enviro 400 CT Plus own, HEA1.

The brilliant EO1 vehicle. A sole Trident E400 Olympus owned by CT Plus.

Here is the bus bought from Metroline, HTP5.

The bus I rode from end to end.

Side of HEA1.


Interior of HTL3.
Thanks for reading/viewing the pictures!!