Wednesday, 16 April 2014

188th Post!! Euro 2-6 Journey

Hello, hello!! I know you may think 188 is a random number to do a special post, but it's an awesome route and I have got a special post to share with you! But first, I'd like to apologise about the fact that I don't have any pictures of Euro 1 buses in London although I don't think there are any left. So, let's skip to.........

.........Euro 2: There are hardly any Euro 2 buses left in London meaning it was extremely hard to get pictures of them. Some types of Euro-2 buses in London are very old Dart Pointers and DAFDB250 ALX400s. I have a sole picture and here it is:

The reason this bus has white blinds is because it has recently been taken out of storage. It can mostly be found on route 235, but it will be withdrawn from service completely soon as all buses should have a Euro-4 engine in London by 2015. This means all buses with Euro-3 or 2 engines will either be withdrawn or fitted with Biodiesel.

Euro 3: All Euro-3 buses won't be Euro-3 for much longer, but there are quite a few left in London. I have two pictures this time as they aren't as rare as Euro-2 buses.

Believe it or not, these are Euro-3!!
In the single-deck market, Dart Caetano Nimbuses are Euro-3.

Euro 4: Now, there are many Euro-4 buses in London which means I have more than two pictures this time! From 2015, all buses have to be Euro-4 or above. Most Euro-4 buses are newer vehicles such as early Enviro 400s and MAN Evolutions.

Enviro 400s built before 2010 are Euro-4. TE941, allocated to Potters Bar, has recently been refurbished.

Early Enviro 400 Hybrids are Euro-4 too.

Apart from the 15 Lowheight SP's, all the others are Euro 4 or Euro 5.

MM772 is Euro-4, delivered in 2007. However, it is withdrawn now due to reliability problems.   

Euro 5: Most buses in London are Euro 5 including some odd and different types of buses.

Yes, more E400s. But most of them are Euro 5 so I had to include another.

Rival to the E400: Wrightbus Gemini. There are Hybrid and Diesel versions of these, all are Euro 5 but three which are Euro 6.

Here is the Hybrid version of the Gemini.

Yes, all the current NB4Ls are Euro 5. Euro 6 prototypes are coming to London soon.

This is the first and without a doubt last E200 included in this post. They are all Euro 5.

BYD Electric Buses are Euro 5.

Finally, Euro 6: There are 12 Euro 6 buses in service, with another 62 being entered service soon. Two Euro 6 buses (Mercedes Citaro K 10.6m and Volvo B5TL Gemini V6) have been withdrawn, although more B5TLs are due soon. Since as the B5TL I have a picture of has been withdrawn, I will only include the pictures of the E40H buses which are allocated to routes 47 and 199. There is one E40D model working for Abellio London.

The first one to enter service was SN14 TVX. These are 10.3m in length.


SN14TWE on route 47.

Thanks for reading my 188th post!!