Monday, 23 June 2014

Random Observations-23/06/14

Sorry about the post bunching, but I've had requests for another Random Observations post today. Despite me having lots of other bus changes posts to do, I still haven't uploaded some photos from the weekend, which are preventing me from publishing posts. Some posts, however (like the 38 NB4L conversion), are being delayed because of late vehicles, like LT172/3, which are vital for the post. Anyway, enough of me ranting, lets get on with the post!

VW1406 has been carrying an all-over advert for Schuh Shoes, which is a place I will probably never want to visit. I'm sure some people would disagree with me, however.

Route 159 has been withdrawn from Paddington Basin, and now terminates at Marble Arch. Which route do you think should serve Paddington Basin now? Route 205? 332? 436? I think the 205 would be a good idea, as it gives links to the east end and many major rail stations.

This route is always busy, and the DNHs on this route seem to be avoiding me. The last 5 times I've used the 23, I've caught a DN. There are double the amount of hybrids than diesels on the 23, so I should be using hybrids more, shouldn't I?

VH2, the second of route 13's hybrids, on Oxford Street.

An Enviro 400/E40H gets ready to overtake the older DAF Gemini, near one of many massive shops on Oxford Street.

TP421 is at Kings Cross, halfway through a route 17 journey from Archway-London Bridge.

9552 is on the 211, one of two routes to serve Waterloo Station at platform level. There are another two dozen once you walk down some escalators.

This is a very rare type of bus in London, so look out for them! They can be found on route 181, between Lewisham Station and Grove Park.

Enviro's from the 136/199 batch are becoming extremely common on route 47. Here is one in Catford.

Here is a curtailed bus on route P4. Clearly, it was bunching that day.

Another curtailed bus, this time on the 208, which is a very overcrowded route which links Lewisham and Orpington via Bromley.

Bus jam!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A 10.8m Evolution climbs a hill in Blackheath, a very posh area in South-east London.

The rear of a fairly new Enviro 200 on route 386.

Double deckers are now common on route 202. Here is one in Maze Hill, near journey's end.

A working that is quite infrequent, is a Trident ALX400 on route 189. This route may convert to New Bus For London operation, possibly in Winter 2014.

TP1537 on route 607, at Ealing Broadway. The buses on this route get so full, I can imagine that these Presidents would much rather be on their allocated route, the U4, which is a quiet route from Uxbridge-Hayes Prologis Park.

SP63 passes the House Of Fraser shop in Richmond.

DE30, on route 33.

These Enviro's have become extremely sticky on route 337, although they do occasionally appear on routes like the 87.

We shall end with another Metroline ALX400 straying onto a route it's not supposed to be on. This time, it's the 332!
Thanks for reading, and hopefully route H98's electric buses should be on a post next!