Sunday, 14 September 2014

Notice/Random Obs 13th September 2014

Hello readers. Posts will now be very infrequent due to school work taking priority. Expect posts to be around once a week, and bus service contract change posts will prioritize. Expect posts to be late as well, but I will do my very best to keep them (kind of) on time. Anyway, here is a little Random Obs for you:

Massive logo on SEL764!

Transferred Scania on the 262.

Transferred Scania on the 473. They look so good with white blinds!

Routemaster outside Stockwell Bus Garage on 21st June 2014.

One of the most infrequent bus routes in London is the 481, which I used to get to Fulwell open day. It's a shame that it has to go through Whitton.

Ex-148 Scania on the 281.

Refurbished Enviro on the 607. I'm glad they've received a refurbishment, they needed it! They were dirty buses, and I'm surprised the extremely noisy Gemini 1's that also run the route haven't been refurbished.

K3 in the rain.

A K2 departs Cromwell Road Bus Station.

The K1 has now received a frequency increase, which means ageing Dart Pointer 8041 has had to cover for this. Here is one of the E200s that make up the main allocation.

The very circuitous route 371 runs from Richmond-Kingston. The 65 takes half the time this does to get between the two places.

Here is an ALX400 on the 131. At the moment, the 57 and the 131 have swapped allocation, so the ex-9 VLEs will now be pounding along Coombe Lane and Colliers Wood.

Unallocated G2 on the 85. This bus is supposed to work the 22, but has taken a greater liking to almost every other Putney double deck route.

 One of the regular Scania's that work the 111. 

Dart Pointer on the 216.

Mansfield Park is an estate near Chessington, not a novel made in the 1900s.

Minibus on the K5, which runs hourly. There are a lot of infrequent bus routes in Kingston!

A 295 Gemini 2 overtakes an 8 year old Enviro working the 211.

Wow, I didn't know the 9 had been diverted to terminate at Lancaster Gate! Nah, this bus was going through the 148 destinations while at Hammersmith Bus Station.
 Thanks for reading!