Saturday, 30 November 2013

Central London Observations

As you may know, Route 9 recently received NB4L's. I had a long day out so I've decided to combine a Central London Observations post with the 9's new buses.

Finally! I've got a picture of an SP on the 8.

So, I arrived at the Aldwych 3 minutes late. I got an egg mayonnaise sandwich and rode the 9 to Hammersmith. These are some of the pictures I took on the way to Hammersmith:

IF London General won the 5 contract I would be surprised.

Route 15 used to go to Paddington Basin. Stagecoach curtailed it to Regent Street and now it's been curtailed to Trafalgar Square. Where will it be curtailed next? Knowing Stagecoach, it'll be Blackwall-Poplar! (Joking.)
                                                               Blind change:

This is normal now!

One of the 10 poppy buses in service. Last year there were only two.


Crop the photo and this is what you get!



 I rode the 9 back to Aldwych:
 Two curtailments:

These are good buses!


Greenline route 702.

Rare curtailment on Route 70 to Chepstow Road. Apologies for the fuzzy picture.

 I saw V6 in the distance but it was too far away to take a picture.

Waterloo and Aldwych obs:



Weird! X68 going towards Russell Square at 5pm with a passenger onboard.

Common, but rare:

Do you like my panoramic pictures?

 Now, the scene changes: While I was waiting for the 76 bus to Aldwych, I did some observations. I couldn't take any more pictures on the way home because my battery on the camera died.

Thanks for reading!

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