Saturday, 2 November 2013

Fake Observations Gallery

This is a fake observation on Route 9 before 25 NB4Ls entered service. Of course, they don't have yellow blinds.

I did the same thing with the 11 as well as the 9.

This is my first L.E.D fake observation. This VSH works route 75 between Heathrow Central and Maidenhead, not Swansea.

The 209 is a short route (Hammersmith-Mortlake) so I've extended westbound to Richmond, and Eastbound to Notting Hill Gate (including Earls Court Hail And Ride Section).
The StreetLite DF is back! On the 226 to Chiswick Business Park.

This is my first countdown iBus fake observation. Route 239 is bunching!! This was due to a burst water main near Kew (long diversion).

If you have seen my 239 advertisement post, you will remember this.

Rare working on route 308 between West Croydon and Chislehurst Common. This route normally uses E40H.

This is an observation on route B1 between Tolworth and Byfleet And New Haw, Woodham Lane.

This is our big lemon bus. Allocated to Route E4 between Perivale Tesco and Ruislip Lido.

I have allocated the 33 Scania buses from the 7 to routes E2 (Brentford, Commerce Road-Greenford Broadway) and route E8 (Brentford, Commerce Road-East Acton).

Rare working! XMS1 on route E2.

Another SEL fake observation!

Finally, a blind change on Metrobus 189.
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