Tuesday, 31 December 2013


These photos will be better than the ones in part one, I'll say that. Although most of the good ones are at the end of the post.

This is the bus I took to Oxford Circus. Well, it was meant to be Piccadilly Circus but my busy bus got curtailed. It was so busy, there were about 6 people standing on the upper deck from Notting Hill Gate onwards.

It got dark almost immediately. Weirdly, the pictures taken by me on the PHONE were better than Prole Dancer's on the CAMERA. Prole Dancer is a good photographer.

This SN was going quite fast so it was hard to take a picture.

 And so we get onto Westminster.

 Later on, I got a 341 to Islington Angel, NOT ANGEL ROAD SUPERSTORES. I left my scarf on this bus.

I decided to leave the best pictures until the end:

 All of the christmassy lights, so lovely!


 I tried to get a few 390 shots.

At Oxford Circus, I prayed for V6 to come out. It didn't, and hopefully I'll try and get it sometime this week when it isn't raining (was going to do it on my CCCC yesterday). CCCC is now in two parts, Part One being V6, 388 and Southern 377/6 (for Railway blog) and Part Two for 261 and R routes.

 On the 12 it felt very festive inside because of five gentlemen trying to sing Christmas carols whilst drinking booze. One of them rang the bell 20 times and shouted 'AND THE BELLS ARE RINGING OUT, ON CHRISTMAS DAY'! It was very fun and festive and a great day out. I've realised that Part Three is pretty pointless and there is no need to do it. So, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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