Sunday, 8 December 2013

Random Observations

Liverpool Street is the background for this Abellio London Enviro 400 working Route 344.
 Hello! This edition includes many rare curtailments and rare workings, so sit back and enjoy!
New timetable at Hessel Road bus stop.

The ex-HT VW's used to work the 237 regularly, but now they are sticking to the E2.


So, we have a countdown fault. Does the 425 stop at West Thames College in Isleworth? No!

MBK1, recoded XMS1 by Abellio. This bus is currently working Route 313 at Arriva's Enfield Garage for two weeks. Sadly, I won't be able to cover it as the bus is not out on weekends and I can't reach Chingford on a normal weekday.

Curtailment! I missed that bus at Morden Station. I had to wait 11 minutes because the bus coming in 7 minutes broke down inches away from the bus stop!

No, this is not a Sunday therefore this is a rare working.

Odd working and rare curtailment!

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Oh, Abellio!

This is now considered common.

Wrong blinds, probably.
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