Sunday, 2 March 2014

HV Prefers Replacing New Buses

As you may know, route 319 has received a batch of 21 HV Gemini's, and 18 of them are in service (146,151,152 still preparing) mostly on the 59. On the 319 the aim was to get rid of ageing DLA's, some older than my mum's car! As you know, route 319 has a small allocation of new 59 reg DW's. The HV's are replacing the DW's on both routes 59 and 319 and the new DW's are out of service. So you will still see DLA's and old DW's on routes 59 and 319. The HV's also travel very close together on the 59, so you may have to run to get one if you don't want to wait around for ages. This is exactly what Prole Dancer did to get the pictures:

Front of HV135 at Kings Cross.

Rear of HV135.
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