Friday, 21 March 2014

Metroline CELF Centre: Spring 2014

Hello, and first of all I'd like to say sorry for the lack of posts recently. I have a backlog of over 15 posts to do, and I will try and get them done whenever I can. There are, of course three special posts coming up in the next two months or so, so keep your eyes peeled. Anyway, back in February, I went on a trip to the Metroline CELF Centre to try and find SEL763 (my favourite bus that has worryingly been off the road for 4 months) and the Metroline Gemini 3 (BF63 HDE) which still hasn't arrived. I failed, but I did get a few pictures, as the last CELF Centre visit post has now had over 1000 views and is the most popular post on this blog by 832 views. Here is what I got (nothing TOO exciting):

In the shed is LT35, which was involved in a crash last year. It will soon be on the road again, on routes 24 and 390. Sadly, I couldn't get inside the shed because I don't have permission to get in there.

A Dart Pointer displaying '90' on the blinds in the shed. Next to it, is an SEL. There are currently five SEL's off the road; 747,749,756, 760 and 763. This bus could've been either of them, so I cannot say I've found SEL763. 763 is currently off the road with a blown engine and has been out of service for 4 months, hopefully it will be back on the road soon!

The only bus in Perivale West garage was VW1208.

DE1606 in the shrubbery.

TP439 blinded for route 271, also in the shrubbery. This bus will probably be withdrawn from service soon.

VW1035 and DEM1917 waiting to have their M.O.T,

A very old DP and an MM in the M.O.T pit.

DE1346 driving round the industrial park.

An anonymous TP428 will be withdrawn very soon. Annoyingly, a bin lorry is parked up diagonal to the President.

DE1815 having it's light replaced.

TP461 is also be withdrawn soon.

VW1280 and trainer bus ln51 kxf.

Metroline VW1200.

The front sign.

Metroline TE966.

Metroline VP325 blinded for 140. The blinds for route 140 say Heathrow Airport, which is ambiguous as this could mean anywhere in the airport, not just the Central Bus Station (which is where the 140 terminates).

Another E200 sits behind VW1035, and we end up back at the beginning.
Although I didn't complete my task here at the CELF, I did enjoy my time there and thanks for reading this post!