Sunday, 4 May 2014

Metroline CELF Centre-2nd Attempt (Spring 2014)

I failed my mission this time too, which was a disappointment. But this time, I found some rather interesting buses in the CELF. I have also heard that SEL763 has been refurbished, which has been reassuring (for me and all the other SEL lovers).

The cheating way of all over advertisement; a back wrap. TE934 drives into the inspection pit.

DE1625 speeds past a bin lorry in the business park.

TEH1455 is waiting for its MOT.

DP1012 tries to find its way out of the complicated Perivale Business Park.

VP495 waits silently...

This would be a curtailment, but sadly the 139 is waiting for its MOT inspection, not going into Central London.

CELF workers working. You can see LT35 in this picture and many other vehicles.

A line up of buses outside the CELF.

A closer line up.

Clearly, this was one of the ex-82 Presidents. Shouldn't they be gone by now?

Mmmmm, TEH1465. I don't know what's happened to this one...

VP573 is showing off route branding for the 98.

The ageing and extremely uncomfortable Metroline DP's are endangered.

A DP and a VP.


Interesting..... This is SEL747, which has been off the road for nearly 6 months. I still don't know what's happened to it, but I'm relieved to see that its not in a scrapyard.

One P-reg DP is a trainer, the other is a mobile restroom in East Acton Trading Estate.

Now, I didn't expect this to be in the CELF!! I thought they would be out of London by now, but here is OTH972, which has lost most of it's hybrid branding.

Where will these buses go?

Two ex-First buses. One on the ground, one elevated.

The back-wrap Enviro againn.

Perivale West, the neighboring garage to the CELF.

This line up of buses shows four VW's, one DE and SEL746.

Finally, TE990.
Thanks for reading! Sorry this post is so late.