Sunday, 18 May 2014

Random Observations-19/04/14 (NOT!!!)

Hello and welcome. Before I start another Random Obs post, I would like to say I have covered routes 53/54/75 and SEL763, on a day out yesterday. The photos should be uploaded within the next week, but for now I'll have to stick with the pics I've got. Here we go:

A line up of buses outside Isleworth Station.

Recently, there have been some Scania OmniCity DDs on this route. I got a picture of one the other day, which had white blinds. I then found out that these buses were meant to be on the 65, because I saw 4 white-blind SPs standing at Ealing Broadway!

These Gemini 2 buses are receiving new Metroline logos, as Metroline West and Metroline Travel will all become one company soon.

A London United trainer bus takes a break at Isleworth Station.

South West Trains use Class 450 trains on the Hounslow loop services on weekdays. I'm not surprised, because I caught one in the rush hour a month ago and the train was packed! They are more comfortable then the 455's SWT put out on weekends. Urgh!

I've noticed that the BYD buses have been off the road recently. Have they been ditched, are they faulty? Have the new Electric Metrocities already been proved more reliable?

This is the old guard on the 507.

The first E400 in this strong batch for Abellio London has recently received an all-over advertisement for Schuh Shoes. Annoyingly, this bus seems to be tailing me as I saw it three times in one day and I didn't even use the 211 then! The last time I did use the 211 (on April 14th) I saw this bus twice. Very odd!

An Enviro 400 on route 172, bound for the (not so) lovely area of Brockley Rise.

One of TT's batch of E400s in the Lea Interchange common user pool.

Aww, don't these buses look good now they've been refurbished! They certainly look better than Abellio's 9001, which has wonky blinds and is pretty dirty on the inside and outside.

The surprisingly clean area by the iBus screen on VLA105.

This bus doesn't look right with white blinds. It just doesn't!

Hail the SEL! Metroline SEL751 stands at Russell Square.

The back of the sole SEL with an 08-reg number plate.

The oldest bus in London (excluding Heritage buses) that appears every day is S801 BWC.  It's nearly 19 years old and is still to be found on route 55.

iBus of SEL751.

A VLW sets out on another 242 journey to Homerton Hospital.

One of the annoying B5LH buses that cut out at bus stops!

Finally, a DN on route 25.

 Thanks for reading!