Sunday, 2 June 2013

50th Post! Metroline CELF Centre!

A Dart Pointer takes a rest at Perivale Garage.

LK53 CFO near the shrubbery. If you looked at my Fictional Bus Company post route 17 would be using B9TL Gemini 2's.

DE1145 is having its lights repaired.

Not in service 17.

Never been on route N91 before. It must be a good journey.

MM789 is waiting...

I personally think the rear of MAN Evolution's are quite dirty.

This bus should be at Cricklewood Bus Garage by now.

TE1449 awaits permission to be driven to Cricklewood. It should be in use on routes 189,16 and 139.

LK13 BGY is waiting for the same thing as TE1449.

Old buses also appear on this walkway. LK04 WNE takes a rest. 

W137 WGT may be set for scrap. I went inside and the interior was in quite good condition.

Here is a cab shot.

I've seen Enviro 400's on route 607 in a worse condition than this.

Almost an archive! In June 2012 route 70's contract was awarded to First London. But on the 22nd June (this year) Metroline will win the contract back.

MM818 takes a rest.

LR02 BBX takes a rest.

DE1329 is having its front replaced.

A temporary number plate is required.

A notice on LK57 AYY.

This bus is in a very bad condition...

From a distance, the bus doesn't look too bad. But if you look closely...

The door is broken.

Lots and lots of electrical equipment.


No seat moquette, Wires on the floor, the broken door.

Some broken seat moquette's.

The broken door is in the bus. 

A driver training bus lurks behind the main building.

This was the oldest bus in london (not including heritage buses) but now the oldest bus can be found on route 55.

The front of Metroline CELF Centre.

I don't think route 90 will ever go to North Wembley Station.

A New Bus For London was in that building. I was hoping to get a proper picture. But a week later I was speeding along Western Avenue and I saw three NBFL's at the other garage in Perivale. There wasn't time to take a  picture. Sorry...............

The main building (again).

Finally, the bus I saw at the beginning. This was a great day out. I then covered the rail replacements at Ealing Broadway.

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  1. Great post - But MM789 is refurbished, so it's not the one with the blue skirt. I think it might've been MM779 and also 70 goes Tower Transit, not Metroline, sadly. I wish 70 could use MM's again.


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