Sunday, 23 June 2013

All Change! 22nd June 2013

Hello, and welcome to a very long day/post. I started in Isleworth and then went to Clapham Junction (by using South West Trains) for the 219 conversion - which is explained later in the post! Then I went to Waterloo to cover the 4, but the only buses on the route were TE's. I then got on a 68 to Euston to see the 91. Like the 4, the only type of bus to be found on the route was the TE. Afterwards I went to Trafalger Square and took some more pictures.

LX61 DFE on route 15.

HV88 on route 29.

This is possible. Metroline could win the contract for route 9. But I doubt it! TE684 actually on route 91.

More empty buses!

DLA330 on route 159.

LK61 DDL on a short working to Trafalger Square.

LK04 CUG on route 6.

An odd working on route 87.

Most workings on route 15 are curtailed at Trafalgar  Square.

This is my first good picture of an NBFL.

This is a blind error. This shot was taken at Trafalgar Square.

Wow! A 24 to Parliament Square.

Another curtailment...

There was a demonstration at Trafalger Square so lots of routes were being curtailed.

You see this on most Saturday afternoons!

I then started to walk up the strand to reach Charing Cross Station.

There was a 41 MINUTE GAP on route 23. Oh dear....

I went to St. Martin's Place and boarded a 24.

 I then met up with @londonbuslover9 @henlevgroup, L1Group and @Rysx_Kizuki.

A blindroll on LT10.

 I then rode LT36 to Hampstead Heath.

A TEH on route 16.

Here's LT3 on route 38.

A rare/short working on route 148.

EH3 on route 88. This journey has been curtailed to Stockwell.

EH5 on route 88.

At Hampstead Heath I spotted 7 LT's at South End Green.

I then rode an LT to Camden and I saw some Rail Replacements!

 At Bayham Street, I boarded a 31 to White City.

My favourite restaurant!
 Then, my camera died. I went to Westfield. Said goodbye to the fellow bus enthusiasts and went home. I also saw a VW on route 260 and a Versa on route 440. Other pictures of the day: